Service Management Software

Optimize workflows, enhance service delivery and teamwork.

This solution centralizes operations, automates tasks, and enables exceptional communication.

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Deals Management System

This module enables you to boost efficiency, track your deals and close more sales. The pipeline is simplified and tasks are automated, instant notifications keep all parties informed, while post-deal messages gather valuable feedback. 

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Virtual Office

Virtual Office takes your deals to the next level, providing a unique e-working space both for team work and meetings, enabling demostrations, unlimited attendees and time. No more links creating and sending, just invite whoever you want into any "room" and  enjoy your online conference.

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Clients' Database

From contact details to purchase history, this module offers a solution to strengthen customer relationships, personalize interactions, and drive targeted marketing campaigns

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Sales Pipeline

Close deals faster than ever. This module maximizes your team's efficiency, tracks progress at every stage, provides you with analytics and enables to chat with customer directly from the Sales Pipeline.