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ZOOMIA provides a cloud system with wide range of 30+ user-friendly solutions designed to streamline all your business operations swiftly.

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Accounting & Bookkeeping

Empower your financial strategy

Keep all your cashflow safely 

Optimize your monetary journey

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Invoice Generator

Increase your sales by tracking issued invoices

Share the invoices just in seconds 

Assign payment link for issued invoice

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Lead Management System

Control the reasons of sales stuck and sales tasks execution

Make individual sales pipeline customization

Increase your sales by one tap with Sales Pipeline

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Virtual office

Get rid of limitations of traditional office spaces

Customize the virtual rooms for fast group communication

Transform your remote work with ZOOMIA

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HR Management System

Seamless HR management with all-in-one platform

Effortlessly manage employee attendance

Streamline your payroll and recruitment processes

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Service Management Software

Deliver exceptional service experience

Accelerate your deals' closure to new heights

Make data-driven decisions

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Inventory Management Software

Gain complete visibility into inventory

Improve order fulfillment rates, minimize lost sales

Minimize overstocking and understocking

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More than 30 applications for Your Business in following fields:

  • Service Provider
  • Retail
  • Real Estate
  • Business Consulting
  • Manufacturing
  • Multi-industries

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